This website is developed by Cantonese Computational Linguistics Infrastructure Development Workgroup(CanCLID), with the assistance from The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong(LSHK). All codes are open-sourced on GitHub, contributions are highly welcomed.

This site is made possible thanks to the Jyutping Workgroup of LSHK and words.hk. Special thanks to Dr. Chaak-ming Lau, Dr. Kwan-hin Cheung, Dr. Andy Chin, Mr. Raymond Tze and Mr. Zungman Ceoi.

Thank Mr. Lim Hian-tong for providing the Taiwanese Hokkien version of this site.

Thank Mr. 具區句魚 for providing the Wu version of this site.

Thank 以成 (Wong Yising) for providing the Vietnamese version of this site.

Develop and Contribute

If you want to get involved or support Jyutping, you can:

  • Email to [email protected] to tell us your thoughts or any feedbacks.
  • Contribute on GitHub by opening a new issue or making a new pull request of codes.
Your help and contribution is always appreciated.